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#MoneyBeat WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Family Money, Tax Talk, Market Rebound, Adviser Voice

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This month’s Wealth Management report, produced by the WSJ Report group, is packed with articles on everything from what investors need to know to about the new tax law to common errors when buying insurance and beyond. Here’s a sampling of stories for you and your clients:

- The Best Way for Wealth Parents to Talk to Children About Family Money | Discussions about family money are especially important these days given that financial professionals estimate that tens of trillions of dollars in financial and nonfinancial assets will be passed from baby boomers to their heirs over the next several decades. How much to disclose—and when—will depend on each family’s dynamics and wealth situation. But, generally, financial pros say that discussions with children around family wealth should take place in stages, over a number of years.

- What Investors Need to Know About the New Tax Law | Even as companies move past the charges to earnings from accounting adjustments and one-time tax bills, they will continue to grapple with tax-law changes that have the potential to reshape operations, upend years of planning and alter executive pay.

- Many Married Couples Gain Under the New Tax Law | Tax laws are full of confusing oddities for millions of married couples. But the new law includes important changes that should bring relief for many.

- Common Errors When Buying Insurance | Consumers can make smarter choices–and plan sponsors and the government can help.

Please see the full report here.

Below, some of the best analysis and insight from WSJ writers and columnists, and occasionally beyond, on investing, the wealth-management business and more.

Monday’s markets
. U.S. stocks roared for a second consecutive session as commodity prices stabilized, a potential sign the clouds over the market are beginning to part after two bruising weeks that pushed indexes from New York to Hong Kong into correction territory. The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 410 points, or 1.7%, to 24601, nearly erasing its losses for the year. The blue-chip index, which notched its first two-day winning streak this month, is still down 7.6% from its Jan. 26 high.

A clobbering but not a crisis. Last week’s stock market dive has triggered a search for parallels: Was it like the stock drops of 1987 and 1998, frightening but of little lasting economic consequence? Or was it more like 2007 when several failed hedge funds and subprime lenders were the tip of an iceberg that sank the entire economy? So far, the right analogies appear to be 1987 or 1998.

Volatility with velocity. Investors’ bet on calm markets shifted to a record trade in favor of volatility last week, new data shows, a move that unleashed a wave of selling that analysts say fueled the worst equity rout in years.

Adviser Voices. Tom Terhaar, a financial adviser at Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors, has worked with a number of executives through the years with concentrated portfolios of company stock. Guiding them to understand the importance of diversification is key to sound planning, he says.

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The WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing covers topics of interest to wealth managers, financial planners and other advisers. It’s delivered to subscribers by email each workday morning; you can sign up for email delivery here: http://on.wsj.com/WealthAdviserSignupPlease send tips, suggestions or other comments to Wealth Editor Brian Hershberg at brian.hershberg@wsj.com.

Follow WSJ Wealth Adviser on Twitter: @WSJadviser
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