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#MoneyBeat Brexit & Beyond:London Bankers Look to Europe For Tax Cut, U.K. Inflation Stays Above Target, Telecom Deals Talk Starts Again in Europe

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Brexit & Beyond: Europe in Flux is The Wall Street Journal’s round-up of news and analysis of how Brexit will affect global business, economies and finance. You can sign up here.


A Union flag flies.
Bloomberg News

Here’s a Tax Cut For London Bankers: Go To Europe: Expats who move to France, Spain, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands would pay less tax and social security..

U.K. Inflation Stays Above BOE’s TargetConsumer prices in the U.K. rose 3% on the year in January, strengthening the Bank of England’s case that interest rates need to rise to bring inflation back to its 2% annual goal.

Where to Find the Next Big Telecom Deal: John Malone’s Liberty Global looks best positioned as cable and wireless companies start talking deals again in Europe, writes Heard On The Street’s Stephen Wilmot.


Britain’s BFF Unconvinced By Its Post-Brexit Vision – Politico

Amount Of U.K. Farmland Put Up For Sale Shrinks As Prices Fall – Financial Times

Germans Quietly Pass An Equinox of Unity, But the Walls Remain – New York Times

BOE Officials Push Home Message That More Rate Rises are Coming – Bloomberg

Majority Of Voters Think Brexit Will Hit U.K. Economy Immediately – Independent

For breaking news and intelligence on Brexit, finance, markets, deals and people from London, download WSJ City for iPhone or Android smartphone.

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