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Las Vegas “Managed” Cloud Hosted PBX Services

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“Managed” Cloud Hosted PBX Services!

NocRoom’s fully managed, cloud hosted VOIP PBX is your turn-key solution to digital phone line sharing and mobile networking. You don’t need to hire a phone tech. NocRoom does everything for you.

Analysis and Explanation  Make it clear how it benefits you and how it works

Building and Installation  Create a top quality, customized VOIP PBX system for you

Configuration and Testing  Set up the system for your business needs and make sure it works

Deployment and Feedback  Go live, listen and react to the users

Management and Support  Keep the system and the users in top operating condition


Perfect for Big or Small Businesses

Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, your company’s time is best spent working towards your business goals and not on your VOIP PBX installation and management. NocRoom uses both on-site and remote support to keep everything fully configured and running at top speed and efficiency.


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